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About Chemplast Sanmar Limited

Chemplast Sanmar Limited
over forty years old and the flagship company of The Sanmar Group—is a major manufacturer of PVC resins, Caustic Soda, Chlorochemicals, Refrigerant gas, Industrial Salt and PVC piping systems. The manufacturing facilities are located at Mettur, Panruti, Cuddalore, Vedaranyam and Ponneri in Tamil Nadu, Shinoli in Maharashtra, and Karaikal in the Union Territory of Puducherry.

Greenfield Project at Cuddalore :

The recent commissioning of a greenfield PVC project at Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, has been a major step forward for the Group. The facility commissioned in September 2009 has an annual capacity of 170,000 tons, the largest chemical project to come up in the state of Tamil Nadu for well over a decade. Chemplast Sanmar’s aggregate capacity of 235,000 tons makes it one of the largest PVC players in India.

At Chemplast, integration—forward and backward—is the key. The basic feedstock for its PVC plant at Mettur, alcohol and chlorine, come from its industrial alcohol plant at Panruti and its own chloralkali facilities at Mettur and Karaikal.

The Chlorochemicals Division of Chemplast, itself the result of backward integration by the Group, manufactures a wide range of products using a highly integrated manufacturing process. These downstream products are either chlorine derivatives or chlorine users in the production process.

The salt needed for chlorine manufacture is supplied by salt fields Chemplast owns at Vedaranyam. The power-intensive electrolysis process of manufacturing chlorine is served by Chemplast’s own power plant.

Chemplast Sanmar has re-entered the PVC pipes business it exited decades ago, through the acquisition of Trubore Piping Systems at Ponneri, near Chennai. After the addition of a greenfield pipes facility at Shinoli, Maharashtra, its capacity rose to 56,000 tpa of a wide range of pipes that includes pressure pipes, casing and screen pipes, SWR pipes, plumbing pipes and conduits. The business is supported by a strong sales team and a well distributed dealership network spread across numerous states.

All this makes Chemplast one of the most integrated chemical plants in the country with a closed manufacturing loop. Its product range falls into six distinct Groups — PVC Resins, Caustic Soda / Chlorine, Chlorinated Solvents, Refrigerant Gases, Silicon Wafers and Trubore Piping Systems.

Chemplast has thus played a pioneering role in the field through its ingenious choice of feedstock and manufacturing processes, and efficient, eco-friendly practices. Its constant development of environment-friendly production processes has reduced the consumption of valuable natural resources.

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